Industrial application of Heinkel bag turning centrifuge and single cone dryer in Germany

The Heinkel centrifuge was invented in the 1970s. This new technology produces high-quality products without residues in an automated way. The core design is to realize product separation by turning the filter bag. In order to meet the needs of the pharmaceutical industry, the turning bag centrifuge eliminates the hydraulic system in the design, and is applied to high-quality solid material separation through fully sealed centrifugal drum and fully automated and uninterrupted operation. The PAC system can pressurize the drum to 6 bar.
The bag turning centrifuge complies with GMP and gamp industry standards. Bag turning centrifuges are widely used in API, fine chemicals, nitrocellulose, and catalyst industries.
Heinkel single cone dryer has the widest product range in medicine, fine chemical industry, chemical industry and food industry. The single cone spiral dryer is a vacuum contact dryer, which is especially suitable for the drying of dangerous goods and toxic substances with solution or water. With the help of its closed design and indirect product heating method, the products with low water content are finally processed. Due to the distinctive characteristics of mild mixing, it has obvious advantages for products sensitive to drying temperature and products with harsh environmental quality.
The scope of application of the dryer: products with fluidity: powder, particle, crystal, etc; Wet, crystalline active ingredients; Products sensitive to mechanical treatment and high temperature; Products that are easy to decompose under oxidation; Hazardous substances (toxic or carcinogenic); Inflammables and explosive powders; Products stained with combustible solution.