Industrial application of schich vacuum pump in Germany

Vacuum refers to the physical environment below an atmospheric pressure. Vacuum technology refers to the technology used to obtain the vacuum environment and carry out process manufacturing, physical measurement and scientific experiments in it.
Vacuum technology is widely used in chemical industry, pharmacy, food, tobacco, coating, metallurgy, electronics, solar energy, lithium battery, oil and gas recovery, aerospace, heat treatment, transformer, automation and other production and manufacturing fields. Moreover, the more modern and sophisticated processes, the more vacuum process equipment is used, because the main function of vacuum equipment is to remove the air, oxygen and impurities in the above process environment, form highly pure physical and chemical reaction conditions and improve the quality of related products. Moreover, based on the physical principle that the higher the vacuum degree is, the lower the boiling point of the liquid is, vacuum can reduce the temperature and speed of chemical reaction, so as to improve productivity and reduce energy consumption.