Shanghai furan fluid sanitary centrifugal pump and other industrial applications

Shanghai furan series sanitary centrifugal pumps can be widely used for the transportation of various liquid materials, such as dairy products, beer, beverages, medicine, bioengineering, fine chemicals and other fields. It can transport not only ordinary low and medium viscosity liquids, but also liquids containing suspended solids or corrosive liquids. The form of Fulan sanitary centrifugal pump is single-stage, single suction and open impeller. The pump body, impeller and pump cover are carefully designed with reasonable internal flow, so as to improve the overall performance of the pump; There is no sanitary dead corner in the flow channel of the pump, which is easy for on-line cleaning and on-site sterilization, and has excellent sanitary performance. The pump casing, pump cover and impeller are precision cast from a whole piece of stainless steel, and the solid structure ensures the stability of pump operation. The centrifugal pump is equipped with a sanitary single face mechanical seal or a water flushing double face mechanical seal. The materials of mechanical seal include: graphite to silicon carbide, silicon carbide to silicon carbide, etc.